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This is Ellen Chain - Mangaka, Novelist and Illustrator; also creator of "ryobkr"-Artwork in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.


On this homepage you can read Mangas and Doujinshis online. Just click through my navigation! What you will see here:


General Artwork (Artwork and Fanwork of various series)

Online Mangas (Online Mangas and doujinshis)

Romane (various stories)

Youtube Videos (videos of how I draw)

Commission-Info (if you want me to hire for drawing)

Contact (if you wish to contact me in any form)

Shop (only available for germany! If you wish to purchase something, please contact me)

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NSFW: If you're under 18, please look no further on this website. My fanarts and doujinshis contain nudity and sexual content. Also homosexuality, blood and rape. If you don't want to see this/you're not interested in those things, you may want to go back to another page.

If you're underaged/not interested and look through my art, it's on your own risk.