FAQ eBooks

 Q: When will I recieve my eBook?

A: Please allow up to 24 hours for your personalized PDF to be sent via mail. Please keep in mind that it may take additional days when you chose "payment in advance".


Q: Where will I get my eBook?

A: You will get your personalized PDF within 24 hours directly to your mailbox after your purchase. Don't worry about your mailbox space: you will get a link to your purchase, where you can download your eBooks.


Q: I didn't receive any mails after 24 hours. Did you forget me?

 A: Please check your spam folder. You will always receive two mails: a confirmation mail that your goods have been sent and a mail with the download link. If you have received the confirmation mail, you have definitely received the mail with the link. If you did not receive the confirmation mail or the download link - if it was not in your spam folder - your e-mail may have been incorrectly. In that case, write an email.



Q: Can I purchase other items with my eBooks?

A: Yes, you can purchase everything in the same order due to different shipping methods of the books/merchandise. You will get the eBooks as described above and separately from other purchases which may take longer since they will be shipped physically. 


Q: Can I return my eBook and get a refund?

A: No, that's not possible. More information can be found in the return policy.


Q: I lost the link/the mail where you sent my eBooks. How can I download them again?

A: Please contact me via mail and tell me shortly that you lost your link with your full name and what you ordered so I can send you another one to your purchase. 


Q: Why do the eBooks have a watermark?

A: I want to prevent illegal distribution. Please don't upload the eBooks on websites or print them for commercial purpose.  


Q: Can I share my eBook with other people? 

A: Please don't distribute the eBooks on websites or with other people on the internet. Any illegal distribution will lead to legal actions.