My name is Ellen and I'm a writer, illustrator and Manga-Artist from Germany and was born in March.

I spend most of my time drawing and illustrating Mangas and other artworks. Since I can hold a pen, I draw different stories and write my own books.


I started in 2003 with a german internet community named Animexx to publish my own things. From that time on my passion for Anime and Manga went sky high.

Due to personal stuff I was forced to lay down the pen for a couple of years until I joined Tumblr in 2011.


In that time I loved to draw Yu-Gi-Oh! and shared my own doujinshis. The community around tumblr was so supportive that I managed to publish one of the doujinshis (self-publishing) and recieved a lot of commissions.




If you have any questions, critique, concerns or comments about my site or work, feel free to send me an e-Mail.


If you have a question about what I use to draw or other stuff, just scroll below to the little FAQ! ♥



Q: Did you study art / media / design etc.?

A: No, I'm studying psychology. I'm self-taught.


Q: Are you earning money with what you are doing?

A: Right now I earn money through my self-publishing and commissions. 


Q: What's your real name / how old are you / where do you live etc.?

A: .... not telling ;-)


Q: Do you take commission?

A: Not at the moment.


Q: Which programs do you use? And how do you illustrate?

A: I use most of the time Manga Studio 5. For my Mangas I use Clip Paint Studio Pro. Sometimes I also draw in Sai and Photoshop CS4. And I own a Wacom Cintiq.


Q: How do you draw those Manga pages?

A: I draw in Manga Studio 5 Ex on a DinA4 page with 600dpi resolution. Sketches, inks and tones are all made in MS. For texts I use PhotoScape. Examples can be found in my video section.


Q: How long do you work on a page?

A: About 4-5 hours. Depends on the detail/background.


Q: Can you teach me in [anything that concerns art]?

A: As much as I'd like to, I think I can't explain my way to draw since I also try out new styles and forms. YouTube is always a good way to learn new techniques or how to use brushes!


Q: Can I have you skype/private facebook?

A: You can ask me nicely and friendly, maybe I will give it to you. But please don't be upset, if not; I normally don't give personal data to strangers!