Taking My Breath



Contains the stories:

"I believe this is called Thiefshipping", "Left Behind" and "Thiefprincess".

88 pages on 115g paper with 250g softcover and various coloured pages in it. The size is B5 and the pages are glued together.

The content (Yaoi) of this doujinshi is only for readers over 18!


I believe this is called Thiefshipping

A short story about Bakura and Marik who spent their first night together. A little deal seals their relationship and clears the fact that they are "gay for each other".

Left Behind

Bigger story about the Thiefs and their relationship. Bakura seeks his revenge to the pharao, meanwhile Marik wants Bakura to stay with him, but he won't listen.


Short Story about some background information when Thief King Bakura lived and met an ancient version of Marik.

Limited complete edition of all three stories.

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