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Shape of my Dreams (YGO Fanbook)


Type: Doujinshi (Seto Kaiba x Atem)

Pages: 60

Format: DinA4

Color: black/white

Language: english

Rated: 18+/Mature/NC-17


This is the old version of the doujinshi! There're still mistakes in the text which have been corrected in the eBook version!


You will get the eBook version via e-Mail with this purchase for free!


Limited Edition - only 10 copies!

Shape of my Dreams

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This is a YGO Fanbook with the pairing Seto Kaiba x Atem (Prideshipping).


You will get two stories about those two with explicit details!


  • Priest Seto is sent to an abandoned house in the woods to exorcise an evil demon. Things escalate a litte bit, since it's not a regular demon that Seto needs to fight - it's an incubus.
  • Atem stole the precious necklace of Hathor and is on the run from the police. In the end he is cornered by a handsome police officer with more than a regular weapon.

Drawn for Hirami



[AU, Yaoi, Yu-Gi-Oh!]



Ellen Chain

Postfach 650081

81241 München

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