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Prints & Merchandise

Hitman Fanbook

Fanbook: 32 pages, full color


Funny comics, nice artworks and the scene that Hitman 3 missed out on


€ 2,50

Big Art Prints (size A3)

Please note that the A3 posters are rolled! This way the shipping costs can be kept as low as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to send unrolled posters.

Prideship Afterlife A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Mermen Cherik A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Lou + Sam Kiss A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Joona Forest A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Devil King A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Dead Charles A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2
Another Dimension A3
10,00 € 5,00 € 2

Medium Art Prints (size A4)

Shibari A4
5,00 € From 2,50 € 2
Lady in Red A4
5,00 € 2,50 € 2
House of X Charles A4
5,00 € 2,50 € 2
Cherik - Mermay A4
5,00 € 2,50 € 2
Rotten Rules Cover A4
5,00 € 0,00 € 2

Small Art Prints (A5 & Postcards)

Flower Girl A5
3,00 € 1,50 € 2
Demon A5
3,00 € 1,50 € 2
Forest Elf A5
3,00 € 1,50 € 2
Cherik Flowers A6
2,00 € 1,00 € 2
Joona Skull A6
2,00 € 0,00 € 2
Kaiba Thron A6
2,00 € 1,00 € 2
Joona Traditional A6
1,00 € From 0,00 € 2
Geraskier A6
2,00 € 1,00 € 2


Blöckchen Notepad A7
2,00 € 1,00 € 2

Doujinshis & Artbooks (ebooks)

10 years of Ellen Chain

Artbook: 140 Pages, color

Age 13+ recommended

Please note: Text is in German!


Illustrations, Sketches, Fanarts and interesting behind-the-scenes insights! Including Yu-Gi-Oh, Cherik and One Punch Man art among many others!

X-Men: 1962

Doujinshi: Cherik, 52 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

 Fanbook of Erik and Charles.

A battle sends Magneto into another dimension, presenting him with a unique chance to righten past decisions.


$ 4

X-Men Artbook: Cherik Collection

Artbook: 102 Pages, color

🔞 Age 18+!

 This Artbook contains all Cherik Artworks (uncensored!) and the Doujinshi "1962" on 102 pages!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Shape of my dreams

Doujinshi: Prideshipping, 60 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

Fanbook of Atem and Kaiba


Seto is sent to a house in the woods to exorcise an evil demon. Things escalate a bit, since it's not a regular demon that Seto needs to fight - it's an incubus.


Atem stole the precious necklace and is on the run from the police. In the end he is cornered by a handsome police officer with more than a regular weapon.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Taking my breath

Doujinshi: Thiefshipping, 122 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

Fanbook of Yami Bakura and Marik Ishtar


This book contains four stories:

  • I believe this is called Thiefshipping
  • Left Behind
  • Thiefprincess
  • Left Places

Illustrations: Kaiba

High resolution artworks of Seto Kaiba

Illustrations: Kaiba x Atem

High resolution artworks of Kaiba and Atem

One Punch Man: Victory

Doujinshi: Genosonic, 43 Pages

Pay what you want

🔞 Age 18+!

 Fanbook of Genos and Sonic


Sonic needs to fulfill a contract for a client, so he visits a villain's club in undercover clothes. Just as he sees his subject, which he needs to eliminate, the subject's bodyguard makes things terribly difficult...

The Witcher: Geraskier Illustrations

Illustrations: Geraskier, 5 Images
Pay what you want

🔞 Age 18+!

 NSFW Illustrations of Geralt and Jaskier

Mangas (ebooks)

As I am located in Germany, I sadly am unable to provide more English printed books. But you can get all manga, novels and doujinshis as ebooks on gumroad! Don't wanna wait to read? You can download from gumroad and start reading immediately! No registering necessary.


Manga: Fantasy | Comedy | Action | Slow Burn BL

3 Volumes (336 pages total)


Against all his family's expectations, the young ibex Joona sets out on the long journey to Midras - a village full of warriors - to train as a warrior as well. But in the great forests of the earth reclaimed by nature, he finds himself less at home than expected. For the adventurer does not only meet friends...

Personal Succubus

Manga: Fantasy | Shojo | Romance

1 Volume, 1 Extra Volume, Story finished

Webcomics hit!

Highschool girl Sam can't decide whether to laugh or to cry: Normally no one notices her at all and suddenly it's way too much attention! Once the handsome devil entered her life, he won't stop sticking to her guns, because he just wants one thing: To make her become his personal succubus.

Novels (ebooks)

Is your heart beating for Boys Love too? Then you've reached your destination! No matter how different the genres might be, the most important thing is always: He'll get him.

Rotten Rules

Novel: Boys Love | Thriller | Violence

1 Volume, Story finished

Age 18+ recommended - heed trigger warnings!

On David's first day, he can already tell that prison is indeed not a pony farm. Still, he can't help sticking his nose into dark machinations going on in the depths of the prison. He quickly learns that there is only one rule: eat or be eaten. In addition to all the rumors about dangerous inmates and a corrupt director, a charismatic man from block C in particular does not let him get a good night's sleep. But he too seems to have more secrets than he makes David believe ...

Santa Kills

Novel: Boys Love | Thriller | Action

1 Volume, Story finished

Age 18+

Kyle Lewis leads a dangerous double life: On the one hand, he is a normal cashier in a shopping centre who would rather spend the day with his thoughts than with customers buying their luxury items. On the other hand, he works as a secret agent for MI6.
One day he is presented with the case of 'Irina Ivanovna' - a young woman who came to Russia with her parents at the time and now fears she is in danger. Kyle's boss thinks that Russian gangsters are behind it and puts him on the case without further ado.
No problem for Kyle, were it not for the distraction of the handsome Santa Claus in the shopping centre, who sits there every day and not only reads the children's wishes from their lips, but also Kyle's...

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