Online Mangas

Seikkailija (Leseprobe)

[deutsch] - 2016

Der junge Steinbock Joona macht sich entgegen aller Erwartungen seiner Familie auf den weiten Weg nach Midras - ein Dorf voller Kämpfer, um sich ebenfalls zum Krieger ausbilden zu lassen. Doch in den großen Wäldern der von der Natur zurückeroberten Erde findet er sich weniger zurecht als gedacht. Denn der Abenteurer stößt dabei nicht nur auf Freunde... 

[Fantasy, Action, Shonen-Ai]

Personal Succubus (Leseprobe)

[deutsch] - 2015

Die Oberstufenschülerin Sam hat es nicht leicht: Sonst schenkte ihr nie jemand Aufmerksamkeit und auf einmal wird es viel zu viel! Als der gutaussehende Teufel in ihr Leben tritt, lässt er nicht locker, sie von seiner Idee zu überzeugen. Denn er will nur eins: Sie zu seiner persönlichen Succubus zu machen... 

[Fantasy, Dämonen, Shojo, Romantik] - abgeschlossen

One Punch Man - Victory

[english] - 🔞 - 2015

Sonic needs to fulfill a contract for a client, so he visits a villain's club in undercover clothes. Just as he sees his subject, which he needs to eliminate, the subject's bodyguard makes things terribly difficult... 

[Speed of Sound Sonic/Genos] - completed

Yu-Gi-Oh! Doujinshis

[english] - 🔞 2014

  • I Believe this is called Thiefshipping [Yami Bakura/Marik Ihstar]
  • Left Behind [Yami Bakura/Marik Ishtar]
  • Left Places [Yami Bakura/Marik Ishtar]
  • Take Me Home [Discontinued - Ryo Bakura/Yami Bakura]
  • How to be eaten [Ryo Bakura/Yami Bakura]
  • Get Me Home [Yami Yugi/Yusei Fudo]

[Yaoi, Fantasy, AU] - completed

My Dear Brother

[english] - 2013

Hiroshi, a young and spiritful teenage boy (18 years) lives a beautiful life with his mother in the south of japan. Just when he thinks his life couldn't be any better, his father calls and wants him to visit his mansion in the dark north. Hiro has never met his father in his whole life, so he travels with wicked feelings to the rich and dangerous side of the family... 

[Yaoi, Vampire, Depression, Incest] - discontinued


[english] - 2012

Alice and her friends went to a party when a misterious flash light teleports them into an alternative universum, where monsters, mostly Vampires, hunt them down. Only when a strange guy appears, things get much worse - and Alice wonders what kind of wonderland she is trapped in. 

[Action, Vampire, Fantasy] - discontinued


[english] - 2012

Lucifer finally conquers heaven and humiliates the inhabitants as much as he can for what they did to him. When he meets his beloved brother Michael in paradise he decides to take him back to hell - only to show him how much suffering means...

[Yaoi, Fantasy, Demons & Angels, "Incest"] - discontinued

No Sleep 

[english] - 🔞 -2011

Shima, a young patient in a mental hospital, can't sleep. He suffers from paranoia and psychosis where a dangerous ghost convinces him that he will die when he sleeps. The young psychiatrist Ryo Motoko tries to help him during their sessions, but Shima obviously has other intentions, when he wants his doctor to "sleep with him".

[Yaoi, Fantasy, Dark] - discontinued