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X-Men - Cherik Doujinshi

Cherik Collection

Artbook: 102 Pages, color

🔞 Age 18+!

 This Artbook contains all Cherik Artworks (uncensored!) and the Doujinshi "1962".


Doujinshi: Cherik, 52 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

 Fanbook of Erik and Charles.

A battle sends Magneto into another dimension, presenting him with a unique chance to righten past decisions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Doujinshi

Shape of my dreams

Doujinshi: Prideshipping, 60 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

Fanbook of Atem and Kaiba


Seto is sent to a house in the woods to exorcise an evil demon. Things escalate a bit, since it's not a regular demon that Seto needs to fight - it's an incubus.


Atem stole the precious necklace and is on the run from the police. In the end he is cornered by a handsome police officer with more than a regular weapon.

Taking my breath

Doujinshi: Thiefshipping, 122 Pages

🔞 Age 18+!

Fanbook of Yami Bakura and Marik Ishtar (English)

Hitman Comic

Hitman Fanbook

Fanbook: 32 pages, color


What happens between the chapters? And what is Agent 47's favorite pasttime? Find out:

One Punch Man Doujinshi


Doujinshi: Genosonic, 43 Seiten

Pay what you want

Ab 18

Fanbook of Genos and Sonic (english)


Sonic needs to fulfill a contract for a client, so he visits a villain's club in undercover clothes. Just as he sees his subject, which he needs to eliminate, the subject's bodyguard makes things terribly difficult...

🔞 Illustrations


10 years of Ellen Chain

Artbook: 140 Seiten, farbig

Empfohlen ab 13 (Deutsch)

Illustrationen, Skizzen, Fanarts und spannende Einblicke behind-the scenes!

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