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I work per hour. Fixed prices are kind of unrealistic since every piece needs different effort. Anyway, I put up some examples of how long I usually work on a picture. But I can't name exact prices. You can write me without commitment and I will give you a calculation. After that you can decide wether you want me to draw your idea or not.

What you will get (depends on your wish):

- Sketches

- Outlines

- coloured picture


Every picture is digital and in high quality resolution. If you wish for a different file format (like .pdf or .tiff), just tell me.


Since I'm a digital artist, I don't do traditional artwork. Please don't ask me to draw you something traditionally.


But every idea is welcome! Just write me and tell me about your idea - and we will see, how I can realise that :-)




Here you can check my prices for commissions (all in Euro - other currencies depend on the exchange rate)!

If you're interested in a commission, just write me an e-Mail or a message through a network of your choice

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