I'm Ellen and this is my homepage! Here you can look through my artworks and illustrations I did over the last years, read my Doujinshis and Mangas online for free and watch some Youtube videos of me drawing digitally and traditionally. 


If you want to support me as an artist, you can visit my store or become my patron on patreon! I offer different mangas/doujinshis and novels - as prints and ebooks. But also a lot of merchandise like posters, postcards and acrylic charms! I regularly add new things to the store and give discounts on several items - so it pays off to visit once in a while! ♥



My first artbook arrived today! You can watch me going through all of the 140 pages and see more than 250 artwork! You can watch the video here: Youtube Videos And available in my Shop!



[german] Der Vortrag zum Selbstverlegen ist nun online und kann als PDF heruntergeladen sowie mit Kommentaren von mir angeschaut werden! Das Video und die Datei findet ihr in meinen Youtube Videos


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