I'm Ellen and this is my homepage! Here you can look through my artworks and illustrations I did over the last years, read my Doujinshis and Mangas online for free and watch some Youtube videos of me drawing digitally and traditionally. 


If you want to support me as an artist, you can visit my store! I offer different mangas/doujinshis and novels - as prints and ebooks. But also a lot of merchandise like posters, postcards and acrylic charms! I regularly add new things to the store and give discounts on several items - so it pays off to visit once in a while! ♥



Shop is on hold until 25.03.2019! Some things may be sold out over the weekend due to a convention and can't be shipped anymore event though they're available in the shop - thank you for your understanding ♥


Shop is on hold until 04.03.2019! All orders will be shippes on the 4th! Thank you for your understanding ♥


[german] Seikkailija 3 kann nun bis zum 20.03.2019 vorbestellt werden! Als Dankeschön gibt es einen A6 Block gratis dazu! Mehr dazu im SHOP




  • Leipziger Buchmesse / MCC
    (21.03 - 24.03.2019)
  • Animuc (26.04.-28.04.2019)
  • Dokomi (08.06. - 09.06.2019)

All illustrations including fanart,

original artwork and illustrations.

Watch some videos of me

drawing traditionally or digitally.

You can read several doujinshis

and mangas for free.

Der deutsche Shop mit Büchern,

eBooks und Merchandise.

You can read several novels for

free (only in german).

The english shop with eBooks

and merchandise.



Ellen Chain

Postfach 650081

81241 München


NSFW: If you're under 18, please look no further on this website. My fanarts and doujinshis contain nudity and sexual content. Also homosexuality, blood and BDSM. If you don't want to see this/you're not interested in those things, you may want to go back to another page.

If you're underaged/not interested and look through my art, it's on your own risk.